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The WORST thing to come to cars is the whole televised auction thing.
Now, people see any old car with ANY character as a "collectible" and get them and want insane prices even if they don't drive them.

I mean, some cars are truly collectible by rarity or particular "mystique," but most should be enjoyed. Jim Clarks R4 Lotus 25 or Lotus 49 R2 SHOULD be extra special." But, a rusting Dodge Charger or Mustang just isn't worth what people want for them. The same for imports. I'd love an AE86 (and would love to make a tofu-car), but the prices have gotten stupid for a crappy example.

I'm glad I have my Miata, which has been in the family since 1989. My father drove it for 9 years and it's been mine since then. I do think they are often underated for driving (esp. by people who don't know what a real sports car is about other than looks). Despite pressure to get rid of it 6-7 years ago, I'm glad I didn't. It is worth WAY too much to me.

Also, prices depend a lot on market. Crappy 90s Hondas are around here for decent. But, good luck finding a small Toyota pick-up, esp. 4wd, for under 8-10K in rural SC. That goes for ones 10-20 years old too. Go to Atlanta or a big city and they can be gotten relatively cheap.

I am now missing my Bus. I wish I had gotten the Subaru or 911 engine swap. But, then again, I wouldn't have the Miata now . . .
It all worked out.

Now, if can keep my kids from scratching my B . . .
They scratched it today with a sled- about a foot long.

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I'd have to say my first vehicle, a 1998 Toyota Tacoma single cab 2wd automatic. Had a great time with it, and miss it to this day. I'm on my 5th veh, the xB, so I don't have many I miss terribly. Other than that, I would'nt mind having my Mustang back, but the Tacoma is definitely the one I regret getting rid of the most!
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Originally Posted by TartanJack View Post
They scratched it today with a sled- about a foot long.

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This one is easy...My 2002 Turboed SVT Focus. Loved it. It was one of the most fun cars I have ever driven and owned. Unfortunately I lost it in the divorce (but got to keep the house, my daughter and a 2.6 liter garbage ragged out Intrepid which died 8 months later) and a year later, without her ever changing the oil she cracked the motor. She never had any clue as to what that car was and treated it like garbage. She smoked in it, burned the doors, ripped the front valance of bent the rims, and had the exhaust ripped off exiting a drive way. She always came to me to fix it and I always declined. You get what you get for having an affair and leaving your kid a week before Christmas. Yes I am still bitter, can you tell?
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Originally Posted by BLK TST View Post
Yes I am still bitter, can you tell?
Nah, not at all. That is sad though, I remember about 9 years ago there was a bright yellow 88 MR2 that had been given lots of love and I wanted so badly to trade my 98 saturn for it. My saturn was terrible, and the MR2 was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Anyway, stuff happened and I couldn't get it. It sold to another guy in my same town who blew it up a few months after getting it, then let it sit, then crushed it. Konigs and all. I eventually got an 89 MR2 last year but had to sell it soon after getting it.

In other news I finally got in contact with the people who have been letting that white s14 body 240 sit in their field the last 8 years.

It's an auto, SE, DOHC, virgin beauty. Unfortunately the owner has been to the internet and feels it's worth its weight in silver, not quite gold. It has had a serious infestation of wasps and spiders which I imagine were all gone since it was 15 the day I went to look at it. Also the fuel pump is out, all 4 tires are dead, brakes are probably locked up, engine is full of sludge guaranteed, and who knows if any antifreeze was in it and what the coolant has been up too these last few years. Not to mention the wiring that may or may not be intact at all anymore given it's been in a field where lots of rodents sort of tend to live.

Short version is I'm looking for another MR2 instead but pending that fails, which it likely will, I may try and find a little del sol.
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