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  1. How your xB sits now....

    Member Pics
    I had this on another forum and its a lot of fun. Basically its a place to show off random pics of your xB. I dont know about you all but i like taking pics in different locations and just randomly and or when i do a new mod that isnt worth making a new thread for. So basically just throw up a...
  2. The google picture thread

    Off Topic
    The rules are simple: Go to google images, type in the word after the picture and pick a picture that you feel best represents the word. For example: VW. Pool. < I choose pool as the next word, go find a picture of "pool" and post it. After your picture, choose your word for the next...
  3. Attn: Second Gen Scion xB owners!

    2nd Gen Scion xB Talk
    Are you a 2008 Scion xB owner? If so, when and where did you buy it? :D I got mine last week from Maita Scion in Sacramento, CA - talk to Damon or Mickael!
  4. Is this your first Scion?

    2nd Gen Scion xB Talk
    If you owned another model Scion prior to purchasing your Second Generation Scion xB, what was it? Or, if you currently own another Scion in addition to your 2nd Gen Scion xB, what is it? :)
  5. Open directory of Scion xB Shop manual PDF's

    Do It Yourself
    hey all, i was asked to share this info that i was posting on I downloaded all relevant tech diagrams and instructions from a dealer manual site and zipped them into a package. If you are modding most anything on your scion bx 2nd gen, the instructions and diagrams are in there...