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hikingmike 06-19-2014 12:15 PM

2011+ Blinkers, Relay vs. Resistor, LEDMod Switchbacks, etc.
I moved this conversation from here since things were going way off topic-


Originally Posted by Cmudge26 (Post 182930)
Don't install resistors just buy the LED Flasher Relay that will take care of the hyper blinking. It cost $45 but it better than having to splice into wires.

I tucked the HID ballast behind the headlight against the fender (velcro to a flat metal then zip tied it also)


Originally Posted by hikingmike (Post 182954)
Too late now. I ended up making my own rig of bolts, washers, and a flat piece of metal and mounted the resistors to the underside of the metal arms above the headlights. It looks pretty clean. It was a pain but I'm glad I went to the trouble because those things get hot!!

How do you use the LED flasher relay? You don't have to splice wires? I might go that way for my rear blinkers then. Have any idea what to buy?

Diode Dynamics' site says

Flasher Replacement: You may have heard of replacing a "flasher relay" instead of using resistors. Indeed, some vehicles have a replaceable flasher relay, and it is possible to replace it with one designed for LED use, to eliminate hyperblinking. However, this is only true for some vehicles. We do not believe one is available for your vehicle, because your flasher is built-in to the vehicle's computer. You will need to use resistors for your vehicle.


Originally Posted by zinger (Post 183010)
I bought a relay for my 09. I can't imagine it is any different.

I think mine came from - looking at that page though it says 08-10. Maybe 11+ already have digital relays.


At Diode Dynamics' site, here is the front blinker for 2004-2010
2004-2010 Scion xB Front Turn Signal LEDs (pair) - xB - Scion - Bulbs By Vehicle - Lighting

It gives the option for flasher module or resistor kit.

For 2011-2014, there is only the resistor kit.
2011-2014 Scion xB Front Turn Signal LEDs (pair) - xB - Scion - Bulbs By Vehicle - Lighting

Well, LEDMod has a switchback front blinker for 2011 and up, and it has a flasher relay as an option. Hmmmm..
Scion xB2: Dual Color LED Turn Signal Switchback [2011 and up] [xB2_dual_LED_bulb] - $44.99 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce

So I sent a message to LEDMod asking about the relay on 2011+, because Diode Dynamics' site contradicts. If I can use the relay instead, I'll get rid of my resistors and use that. Actually, if I change my mind and decide to try the switchbacks, I can move my current front LED blinkers to the rear since I haven't replaced those yet. I wish I knew how bright the LEDMod swithback blinkers were compared to my current LED front blinkers, since I got some that are a little brighter than stock and they look great.

I was wondering what the heck happens with the parking/clearance lights if you get their switchback bulb, since we 2011+s have the separate light. Well in the photobucket photos they have there, it looks like they put a little LED thing into that socket after all, and I can see how they wired it. It sounds like the relay just replaces and existing one under the steering wheel. Interesting.

I'll post back here when I have some answers.

5zero4 06-19-2014 08:05 PM

Those switchbacks look pretty cool. I'm not sure about the delay after you turn the turn signal off though. **** I'm picky!!!! lol

hikingmike 06-19-2014 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by 5zero4 (Post 183146)
Those switchbacks look pretty cool. I'm not sure about the delay after you turn the turn signal off though. **** I'm picky!!!! lol

Hehe. Yeah I also wondered about the delay - more about the delay when you turn it on. If you notice, in the video when they turn on the parking lights, it takes a little longer for the switchback to turn on. Also, during the initial blinkering, it stays on yellow for a bit longer than the rest of the blinks. I guess this is the relay working? The delay after turning the blinker off doesn't bother me.

5zero4 06-19-2014 09:27 PM

Hmmmm. I see what you mean. Maybe you could ask them about that too. Surely it could be rectified.

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hikingmike 06-23-2014 01:33 PM

Ok, I got a reply from Sean at LEDMod-

"We've installed the flasher relay on 2011 and up models without a problem. Not sure why other site would say that.."
So now I'll ask the guys at Diode Dynamics to look into it because this apparently works. I'll stick with them on my future LED purchases if they help me out.

hikingmike 06-24-2014 03:34 PM

Ok, Diode Dynamics has replied that:

From what we have seen, the 2011+ XBs cannot have the flasher replaced, or there needs to have modifications made to allow this to happen, as it is more than just a simple plug and play! Each car can be different, so I do not want to dispute what any other company has done, as they certainly may have found a solution with this modification, we just do not feel comfortable making customers do this with the chance of ruining anything.
I can respect that answer, and being cautious with their compatibility info. It looks like says you need to break little plastic tabs off the flasher relay to plug it in, but that is listed as 2008+, not specific to 2011+.

Well I guess what I'll do is check out what mine looks like, and the numbers on it. I'll look in the manual too. I'm not sure if the relay is for all 4 blinkers or just pairs of 2 so I'll look for that, and maybe check the docs we have online.

I do see that iJDMTOY has what looks like the exact flasher relay that LEDMod includes with their switchbacks for pretty cheap, $12 shipped on Amazon. I may just have to try that.

hikingmike 06-24-2014 05:02 PM

Oh, they have adjustable ones too with a little rheostat sticking out for $1 more. Might as well, lol. I might go for slightly faster blink to emphasize the LEDs, but not close to hyperblink.

Greg S 06-25-2014 03:31 PM

The flasher is for all 4 turn signals. I've got one in my 08 and it's been working great for a couple years now.

hikingmike 06-25-2014 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by Greg S (Post 183457)
The flasher is for all 4 turn signals. I've got one in my 08 and it's been working great for a couple years now.

Thank you, Greg! I'll order one then.

I tried briefly to pull out the driver's side dash panel to see the fuse box, but didn't get it all the way off yet. I love how the manual just shows an arrow pulling away from the panel. So you just yank it off huh? I'd love to not break any tabs or something. I searched around including here and somehow was unable to find any information on how to remove it or what it looks like and what flasher relays there are. I got under the steering wheel with a flashlight at lunch and pulled free the first few tabs toward the bottom edge. I guess I'll leave it there for now until I get the flasher.

My plan now is to just go with the blinker LED bulbs I have now on the front, and get another pair for the rear from the same place. I'm pretty happy with those - they're a bit brighter than stock and look good. I'll get rid of the resistors though and use the new flasher instead. LEDMod's switchback for 2011+ looks cool, but it seems like the white light is brighter than the blinker's yellow light (which sounds right from what I've seen on other colored vs white LED bulbs). They should have made more of the LED SMDs for the blinker. I also don't drive around with my parking lights only on. Like 5zero4, I'm picky too.

I saw a thread on a Scion iQ forum that said that the replacement relay can't handle the load.


Second the replacement relay like the one someone on here used wont mention names is not a good idea it is really only designed to hold the load of two led bulb changes. In all reality it really is not a good idea to run mixed bulbs led/standard filament bulbs on these relays, they are intended for a 150 w max in actuality we need a combined load of 200w so it may work for a while but eventually it will fail, and you will have to take your dash back apart. For this reason I have decided to go the route of adding a 50w resistor to each bulb conversion.
LED Turn Signal Bulb Resistor Install - Page 2

I replied there basically saying that sounds like bunk unless your LED replacements actually use more power. Right?

BrickPig 06-25-2014 04:09 PM

Hi hikingmike, to remove the driver's knee panel:

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