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Cool! Those Axis are clean and crisp, sporty and a little beefy looking. Good luck Joe, and I expect to see pictures up here!

Yeah, Brick, definitely the "Matte Graphite Silver" version like in my first link. That's kind of the color I've been wanting with my silver xB, and it's dark enough gray to contrast with the silver. I don't want too close to the silver of the car, but definitely a gray. I don't favor black wheels for my silver xB (and some other colors like your stingray) but they can look cool on the right color car, maybe a white or something. I don't like when I see black wheels on a car and they're shiny, just looks odd to me. Flat black is better - don't know how hard to keep clean though. But anyway, definitely a gray for me. And I don't need any shiny like a machined lip. I kind of like the "dirty" feel of darker wheels, don't really know how to put it.

I think I've passed you up on the "see it on you car" and google image searching usage, lol! It would have been great to get the wheels on my car loan, but I had no idea back then and the Scion choices weren't what I was looking for. Now I know a lot more what I want and have a folder of screenshots and wheel photos to go with it. I'll just plan to do it like Joe when I need tires or slightly earlier.

These are just my wheel tastes, hah

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