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Originally Posted by Slorocket View Post
Purely for salt reasons. It will kill a set of wheels in no time. Corodes the schitt out of em. Most are aluminum. Theyre too expensive to let get ruined cuz your too lazy too switch em. Most will put winter specific tires on the steelies and great gripping tread on theyre nice 'summer' wheels. The worst theyll see is rain. And if you need to sell em, theyll be worth more than some corroded ones.

Most states dont have this issue. Just us in the 'salt belt'.
Yeaah, depends on the weather too. I ended up having salt on my car for pretty long recently. I finally washed it on Saturday, with the wind whipping through the wash bay, and the temp dropping from 40 to 30, and the water froze to my car hah! By the way, Damaged, 0 for the low tonight and 8 tomorrow. High was 16. It was actually high of 60 on Sunday. It keeps going up and down every couple days. No "chinook" but one "polar vortex" or "arctic blast" after another.

So I wonder if aftermarket wheels generally have less durable finishes on them. Most people obviously don't change their wheels. Or are they just being more careful? Both of my previous cars had clearcoat on the alumnium I think.

Can't wait to see those on, Joe.

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