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Default 2011+ Blinkers, Relay vs. Resistor, LEDMod Switchbacks, etc.

I moved this conversation from here since things were going way off topic-

Originally Posted by Cmudge26 View Post
Don't install resistors just buy the LED Flasher Relay that will take care of the hyper blinking. It cost $45 but it better than having to splice into wires.

I tucked the HID ballast behind the headlight against the fender (velcro to a flat metal then zip tied it also)
Originally Posted by hikingmike View Post
Too late now. I ended up making my own rig of bolts, washers, and a flat piece of metal and mounted the resistors to the underside of the metal arms above the headlights. It looks pretty clean. It was a pain but I'm glad I went to the trouble because those things get hot!!

How do you use the LED flasher relay? You don't have to splice wires? I might go that way for my rear blinkers then. Have any idea what to buy?

Diode Dynamics' site says
Flasher Replacement: You may have heard of replacing a "flasher relay" instead of using resistors. Indeed, some vehicles have a replaceable flasher relay, and it is possible to replace it with one designed for LED use, to eliminate hyperblinking. However, this is only true for some vehicles. We do not believe one is available for your vehicle, because your flasher is built-in to the vehicle's computer. You will need to use resistors for your vehicle.
Originally Posted by zinger View Post
I bought a relay for my 09. I can't imagine it is any different.

I think mine came from - looking at that page though it says 08-10. Maybe 11+ already have digital relays.

At Diode Dynamics' site, here is the front blinker for 2004-2010
2004-2010 Scion xB Front Turn Signal LEDs (pair) - xB - Scion - Bulbs By Vehicle - Lighting

It gives the option for flasher module or resistor kit.

For 2011-2014, there is only the resistor kit.
2011-2014 Scion xB Front Turn Signal LEDs (pair) - xB - Scion - Bulbs By Vehicle - Lighting

Well, LEDMod has a switchback front blinker for 2011 and up, and it has a flasher relay as an option. Hmmmm..
Scion xB2: Dual Color LED Turn Signal Switchback [2011 and up] [xB2_dual_LED_bulb] - $44.99 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce

So I sent a message to LEDMod asking about the relay on 2011+, because Diode Dynamics' site contradicts. If I can use the relay instead, I'll get rid of my resistors and use that. Actually, if I change my mind and decide to try the switchbacks, I can move my current front LED blinkers to the rear since I haven't replaced those yet. I wish I knew how bright the LEDMod swithback blinkers were compared to my current LED front blinkers, since I got some that are a little brighter than stock and they look great.

I was wondering what the heck happens with the parking/clearance lights if you get their switchback bulb, since we 2011+s have the separate light. Well in the photobucket photos they have there, it looks like they put a little LED thing into that socket after all, and I can see how they wired it. It sounds like the relay just replaces and existing one under the steering wheel. Interesting.

I'll post back here when I have some answers.

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