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Originally Posted by hikingmike View Post
Ok, I have to report back with my success now that I have a minute, I haven't been on here for a while. I confirmed the replacement flasher relays work perfectly in my 2012.

I got this one from Amazon/iJDMTOY 8-Pin Flashing Speed Adjustable Electronic LED Flasher Assy Relay Fix For Lexus Scion Toyota LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs: Automotive

It's the adjustable one, but they have the regular one too. I figured I'd get that one so that I don't get stuck with a blink rate I don't like or something. It works as advertised. Once I got the hang of removing the plastic panel it was pretty easy.

So I went to DiodeDynamics and swapped the backup light LEDs I got that I didn't like for another set of blinker LEDs for the rear blinkers - I was pretty happy with the front ones and I decided not to go with switchbacks for various reasons.

When I got the chance, I installed the new rear blinker LEDs. They hyperblinked of course. So then I swapped out the flasher I mentioned above - took a little finger wrenching in a tight spot. Problem solved! Adjustable blink, lol. At that point I pulled out the resistors (and my nice mounting and electrical tape job) I had put in for the front blinkers. Thankfully they were little splicer things that didn't actually cut the wire - big help. Everything worked great, and no hot resistors. So I have 4 11watt LED blinker bulbs running on that flasher. Now the replacement flasher says max 150 watt so you might have to watch it if you go really bright. DiodeDynamics for instance has an 80 watt option for their brightest blinker LEDs so you'd be going over the limit with just two of those.

I kept up with the DiodeDynamics guys and said I'd let them know how it goes, so I told them about the success and they said thanks and they'd pass it on. Hopefully they update their product for the 2011+ xB now to allow for the flasher option.

I really like the instant-on-off of these, probably like any LEDs and like the side mirror markers. Also, you don't see the yellow "egg yolk" there anymore so especially for the front of the car it looks cleaner, more silver and clear. I really didn't think I'd care about that at first but I do notice it now. There is a slight delay when you flip the blinker - the blinkers light immediately, but the first blink is slightly longer, no big deal at all. The LEDs I got are subjectively maybe 50% brighter than stock. They stick out further into the reflector housing so they probably don't reflect as nicely as the little bulbs did, but the brightness more than makes up for it. Plus there is a projector over the LEDs on the end of the thing which definitely helps.

Next up, brake light LEDs probably, hehe. Instant on/off will be good for those.

Thank you @hikingmike . Your posts help me move forward with my lighting project. I also used Diode Dynamics but they were still reluctant to commit to a flasher module working on the '15 xB. They were thinking there was some sort of internal computer running the tun signals now. I located and pulled my flasher module like you showed and it is still the same as yours. I ended up using a TapTurn module I had seen on an FR-S forum (still the same one). I'm totally geeked by this little thing. It's like 10x the cost of a regular one but worth every penny. It does what a regular LED flasher module does but better (no delays, adds tap function...) and an endless list of other crap it can do.
Here is a link to their page in case anyone is interested.
Also, here is a guy that does a pretty good video with his WRX.

I'll try to put a video together and come back to post it but for now, here is my new LED and HID. I replaced every light I could, inside and out.
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