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Originally Posted by bond007 View Post
Thank you @hikingmike . Your posts help me move forward with my lighting project. I also used Diode Dynamics but they were still reluctant to commit to a flasher module working on the '15 xB.
Looking great! I'm glad my posts helped. Interesting about Diode Dynamics.

Ha, those strobe things are neat. How do you trigger the different modes?

The one-touch lane-change sequence is kind of cool. My wife's last MINI had that.

By the way, I just replaced my taillight/brake light bulbs with LEDs from Philips. Philips is finally coming out with replacement LED bulbs so we have an actual big name manufacturer to go with if we want. I decided to go with them because they are smaller and better designed to work with the reflector housing, and they're also cheaper than the other options I had. So far so good. I took photos and they may be just a hair less bright than stock, but they looked the same brightness just looking at them. The resulting color is actually slightly more red (so less pink), but very similar. I decided it was better to go with something that works with the reflector housing better than something that's just brighter for the brake lights. $30 for a pair beats the LED prices for ones that are at least as bright. The option at Diode Dynamics that is slightly brighter than stock, the 11 watt HP11, is $60/pair.

News article about their release - Philips Vision LEDs Guaranteed To Deliver Dynamic Lighting For 12 Years: aftermarket News
Xenon Depot store listing - 7443 LED Philips Bulb | W21/5W LED bulb | Philips 7443 Vision bulb

It looks like Philips has these new design Vision LEDs for a lot of bulb types, but not our turn signals (maybe just because of color since they do have 7440).
Philips Vision LEDs – 12+ year lifetime

Philips bulb lookup
Philips Bulb Look-up

For 2012 xB-
Philips Bulb Look-up | 2012 SCION xB

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