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Default Re: Scion Picture hosting

Alright Fellers,

The site has gone through a bit of a metamorphosis. Its been re-designed With a bunch of new features, a cleaner/simpler (read: faster) theme. There is still some content to be added (like the About page is missing) but I wanted to get the announcement out now because I'm excited about the site.

I've added a new forum for discussion of Photography topics, and the scionpix site in general (for automotive questions and discussion, please continue to use New Scion xB). Join in the discussion

Online Classifieds
Got something to sell, automotive parts, photography equipment or just generally trying to clean out the garage. There is now a Classifieds section to the site that will allow you to post for sale, wanted, or even for trade items. Check it out

Bulk Image Uploading
While its not new, its been re-configured to make it easier for you to upload multiple files at once with many different options and methods available to you. The default upload method is a Java applet that is quick and simple and will work on any modern browser. If the Java Applet isn't what you want, you can choose among the following other methods.
  • You can also upload a zip file full of images and the zip will automatically be uncompressed into the album of your choice.
  • Windows XP users can use the built in "Publish to Web" wizard to automatically publish entire folders (or a subset of pictures in a folder) to your album quickly and easy.
  • If you on a Mac, Linux or Vista and you still want to be able to publish images without opening the website up, the Java Application "Gallery Remote" can be installed and help you to organize, upload and create new albums of photos without ever touching an internet browser.
  • Already have a collection of images on another website and you want to move them into your scionpix album? Use the "Web Page" import method, copy and paste the URL of the page that contains the images you want, and a list of all images on the page will be displayed. Simply check the box next to the images you want to import, submit, and your done.
  • If you are familiar with WebDAV, and would like to link your gallery on your desktop using WebDAV, we support that too!
Feel free to poke around, if you find a bug or error, please report it either here, or in the feedback forum on scionpix

Thanks guys! Your enthusiasms about the site makes it fun for me to continue to develop it.
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