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Default Re: Other cars with same bolt pattern

A 48 offset sets the wheel further into the wheel well. So, if you do that, don't get too wide of a rim or it might not clear on the inside of the wheel well.
(That would be a bad thing.)

I am fairly new to xBs (not quite 2 months), so I don't know the clearances or what are the width/offset limits. Thus, I can't give any advise.
48 isn't much more than 45 (3mm), so it might not be an issue. I just don't know.

Personal opinion:
With an stock offset of +45, I would go with a lower offset (number less than 45) long before I would go with a higher one. Many xB2 people run offsets in the 25-35 range and many between 30 and 35.
(Hey, I have read a bunch on these forums to learn more about that hunk of metal in my driveway . . . )
Therefore, between a 48 offset and a 42 offset (all else being even), I would probably get the 42 myself for a rim set (especially if it is significantly wider than the stock steelies).

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