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Originally Posted by erozcs View Post
conventional wisdom and simple laws of physics couldn't possibly connect adverse brake pad wear with alignment shims. brake pad wear is consistent with the rotational axis of the rotors not the shims. let her enjoy her success. she just manage to avoid a $2000 repair in exchange for 5 hrs of her time. congrats a1coolmom
Do you not know how the rotational axis of the rotors react with the angle of the hub and calipers themselves? Obviously not, otherwise you wouldn't have made that statement.
If you space the hub, and rotational axis of the rotors thereof, the way the brake pads engage the rotor will be affected.
Not sure if you have disassembled the rear of the xB2, but I have.

If you space the hub in any way, you will have to space the caliper as well. The hub, and inherently rotational axis of the rotors, are mounted on the same plane as the calipers. If any of these corresponding mounting points differ, abnormal brake wear will occur.
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