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i understand your concern and i see your point. i also apologize if my reply is perceived offensive. the brake calipers are self-adjusting by the use of the guide pins. when the piston engages the inner pad, the caliper will be pulled out and line-up with the rotor. if the shims are thicker than the travel of the guide pin, braking would be adversely affected. i have a set of these shim kits that i never used. they are alot thinner than the guide pin travel. now if the plane of the pads and the plane of the rotor are not exactly parellel, the pads will wear to parellel as long as the rotor is turning true. i believe this is an acceptable alternative to replacing the axle beam. her camber and toe is within specs. that wheel will turn true as soon as the pads wear parellel to the rotor. you are absolutely correct, the hubs will be pushed out of the normal position, the slight thickness of the shim. this could possibly lead to that inner pad wearing slightly faster than the outer. the difference would be minor and within acceptable limits.

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