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I did some lighting upgrades this weekend.

I swapped out the stock turn signal bulbs for LED switchbacks They match the vent lights and the HID headlights with a bright white but will switch to amber when I use the turn signal.

I also installed LED pudle lights under the side skirts. These guys light up when I open the door, and also when I press the lock/unlock on the remote. Matches the red LED's inside the car.

And for even more girlie accents...I made a removable picture frame to disguise my double din SNS100. I don't want to tempt thieves so I'm trying to hide my stereo. I can change the picture whenever I get tired of it.

Now you see it

now you don't

I put tabs on the frame so I could slip it into the slight gap between the head unit and the stereo surround.
This particular pic is hand-painted and meant to look like sumi-e style.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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