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08 XB Headliner

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I found some nice pin stripe fabric and thinking of doing my doors, back hatch and headliner in it. I have done work on all but the headliner. Any tips or tricks for a easy removal and any problems people have had doing this. Thanks
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just make sure not to pull on the headliner or you will make a crease that can be seen even with a new fabric on it. just be careful with the side airbags make sure you disconnect your battery. I have black suede on my headliner.
Ok thanks Chris, are the airbags in all pillars and do you have to remove them or just losen them to get the headliner out.
they are curtain air bags once you lower the headliner you will see them they are over the doors and go along the side to the back of the car. you dont need to do anything to them just in case you stick your hand in there make sure you dont get tangled with the cables and strings holding them together.
sounds easy enough, I am going to work on it this weekend.
What's the best fabric to use for a headliner?

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one that doesnt stretch too much. i have an issue with my fabric of choice. i stretch it out so it lays down nice and square with all the curves on my headliner and inevitably in about 3 months it starts pulling away from the glue as the elasticity of the fabric tries to correct itself. happened twice using the same fabric, after the first time i thought maybe i didnt use enough glue.
Would sewing it work?
stitching the fabric thru the headliner? hmmmm, that might work to keep it pinned down in key spots. i really love the fabric i have, havent seen anything to replace it with. they say third times a charm...might actually be my fifth time!
Maybe a different glue? Or go to fabric store and see what the say. Like a iron on patch stuff to put in between?
I used commercial glue sprayed on with a paint gun just need to make sure you spray evenly and not to heavy or it will penetrate the material
I have been considering doing black with gold stitching but wasn't sure it would hold the shape. But I would much rather stitch than glue
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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