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08 XB Running Lights

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I just bought the vertical running lights for my 08 XB and I took them to my local Toyota/Scion Service Dept. to have them installed. After telling me to bring the car in, twice and then having me wait around for a long time they told me they would charge at least $275. and I got the impression they really didn't want to do the work and were just telling me that to get me out of there.

Since the 08 XB doesn't have daytime running lights I want them to be on when ever the engine is running for safety reasons.

Does anyone know someone who will install them for a reasonable price in the Sacramento area?

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I just had the vertical running lights installed and they look great. I had them wired so they are on when ever the key is on because Scion doesn't have day time running lights. They not only look real great, but they are a great safety feature.

So if your significant other doesn't want you to spend the money just say it's for their safety.

The lights cost about $110. and installation at TOS, (Toyotas Only Service) in Sacramento for $135.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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