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I realized tonight it is really difficult to rate my favorite mods. It took me a while to put them in order. I thought this would be a fun exercise for everyine.What are your 10 favorite mods on your B in order?

Also name the one thing that you don't have that would be #1.


The one thing would be a jet black paint job.

1. DF210's
2. Anzo Halos with Oznium remote
3. SNS-200
4. HID conversion HL n FL
5. OEM Spoiler
6. Custom painted tails n cyclops
7. V-LED Dual color turn signals
8. Oznium vent lights
9. V-LED and Oznium blue interior lighting
10. Re Audio subs

Wonder where my Clazzios will end upon this list?

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1. KSport coilovers by far.
2. Maniac Motorsports 180amp alternator.
3. Sundown SAZ-3000D.
4. Digital Designs 9515G.
5. TRD 19's.
6. Custom Suicide Girls gauge face with white LED swap.
8. HIDExtra HID's.
9. Painted heads.
10. Damplifier Pro.

If you can't tell, I'm an audio nerd. :D

Nice! Where did you put the Sundown and the DD Sub?

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Ditched the spare, made a false floor, sunk the enclosure down where the spare was, and made an amprack on the front of the enclosure. When the rear seats are up, can't even tell a system's back there! :clown:
Got any pics? I bet it sounds and looks amazing.

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this is going to be tough...

1. 5axis kit
2. DF210s
3. Weapon R short ram
4. Pioneer AVH 4300 DVD
5. Orange OZ rims
6. HIDs
7. Anzo tails
8. Roof rack
9. Sunvisor monitors
10. vent lights
Somehow I knew what your #1 would be! Jealous for sure....

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1 - 19" TSW Jaramas dressed with 235-35-19 tires
2 - TRD springs
3 - Hotchkis front and rear sway bars/TRD strut tower bar
5 - Borla Dual Exhaust
6 - Rear OEM Wing
7 - Strup Header (not installed yet :rolleyes:)
8 - Five Axis lip kit (not ordered yet :eek:)
9 - Carbon fiber window trim
10 - Carbon fiber interior trim

Then there is the tint, Weather Tech mats all around, stereo mods, lighting mods and on and on and on.....:p

I want to know what you think about that header once you install it!!!

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I'm 2 days away from starting my amp rack for my system
I can't wait to see the finished product. I picked up a DD M1B today I couldn't resist the price. My M1A already sold...
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