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13-14 XB hid's

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Does any one here have a 13 or 14 xb with hids?
I swear scion changed the projectors on the xb after 2012. My 12 xb had a perfect smooth beam. My dads 13 xb does not have that beam and now my 14 doesn't have it either.
If any one could post up pics of the light output of there 13 or 14 box that would help out.
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That looks great!
My light doesn't look focused like my 12 box did.
I have vvme 55watt. I tried 5000k bulbs and 8000k bulbs.
The 8000k makes it more obvious that the light doesn't look as focused.
The first and last pic are 5000k the second is with 8000k.

Thanks for posting pics. Now I'm lost as to why my beam is wrong.
I swapped the gasket from stock bulb like I always do to ensure the bulb goes in flush and snug.

Above 55w 8000k

Above 55w 5000k
Not sure why it didn't show pics before but here we go.
Weird how the pics make it look okay.

And this is what my 12 looked like. 5000k


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I'm thinking if it's a higher wattage bulb, the light is gonna be brighter but it's gonna flood everywhere. If u have regular 35w set like I do, the light and cutoff would be more defined.

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Maybe that's what happened with my 12. It was suppose to be 55w and it was probably only 35w.

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Looking at you beam pattern I would say the driver's side headlight needs to be aimed up a little bit and toward the outside of the vehicle quite a bit. Notice how you have a real hot spot in the center rather than an even amount of light output across the middle.
Yup I definitely noticed that no matter how the bulb was put in the bream was like that.
Just the projector has something wrong with it compared to other projector.

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