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17's or 18's

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Hey guys, Ive tried searching a few of the forums but unfortunately can't come up with the information I was looking for. My simple question is what is the benefit of choosing 17 inch wheels over 18's? the only reason I ask is because I like the look of 17's and 18's, but if since I commute so much I like the idea that 17 inch tires would cost me less (I do about 2k miles a month). Any ideas on this? Do 17's offer other benefits and if so does it outweigh what I'd be giving up with 18's (looks and cornering). Any input would greatly be appreciated.
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I'm like you, I don't like the cost involved with replacing tires on 18" wheels. I put TRD springs on with 17" Rox wheels and 225/50 Hankook tires and I drive a lot of miles like yourself, I really like the ride quality.
I'm running a light weight 17x8 plus 45 offset and 245/45-17's the ride is better than the stock tires. :eek:

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