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17X8 +38 / Fit? (Pic)

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Guys, need your advice

I have set of 17x8 +38 Bolt pattern 114.3. Would these fit & what size tire?

Help me out, my XB is 2 weeks old


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Thanks for sure. Ill test fit them this weekend. Im installing my Eibach Pro's & TRD RSB in the next week.

Thinking about a 225/45/17 which is very close in overall circumference to the stock tire (Its .7" wider though to the outside)

Thanks Guys, all of you for your help. Ended up buying some NEXEN N3000 225/45/17 & with the Eibach Pros, what a difference in handling

This is my DD so will not be going wild w/it. I have an EVO in the garage for that

Just added the following:
1. Phillips LED DRL's
2. Old school DashMat
3. Eibach ProKit springs (approx 1.2" drop)
5. Curt tow hitch
6. Mitsubishi EVO 9 wheels / 17x8 +38 / Nexen 225/45/17 (340 treadwear)

A quick pic of my EVO if you dont mind

Thanks for looking, Peace, Joe

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Heres a couple of shots including the Curt hitch.
The Eibach Pro's are a very modest drop & thats what I wanted for my DD.
By adding the Nexen N3000's tires, the ride is very firm & actually corners very well. My main car interest is my EVO as you can tell by my tongue in cheek Lancer emblem:p
Peace guys, Joe
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Thank you Sir for bumping my old thread.

Yes, thats a pretty good one. Its good because they overlay the 2 pkgs together
This is the one Ive been using the most
Custom rims, wheel tire packages for your ride -
Hi Jack

Its an Allen 2 bike. Wanted something that had good reviews & was inexpensive

No complaints. When securing bikes I always use a few additional tie downs to ensure the bikes are stable
Not bad for the money / Bought from Amazon: Allen 2 Bike Carrier Hitch: Sports & Outdoors

^^^Well, Im not the bike rack expert=)

Maybe picking a rack where you have to remove the front wheel would work better.
Certainly there must be racks that have that type of front wheel mount?
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