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I always use the wheel/tire comparer at - Your Source For Great Tire Deals and Information to answer questions like this. According to their site, the tire size you chose is taller than stock and will yield a 2% speedometer error. Also the tire/wheel package will stick out 39mm (1.5") farther than stock.

A slightly better fit is 215/40-18 (0.8% error, 34mm / 1.3"). Or you haven't bought the wheels yet you can play with wheel offsets and/or widths, to get your desired fit.

I'm running 16" alloy wheels 7" wide with 40mm offset with the stock tires. I kept the 16" wheels for ride quality and because 16" tires are less expensive than 17" or 18". When the stock tires wear out I plan to run 225/50-16 tires.

Hopefully those folks who are running 18" wheels will chime in with their experiences.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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