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18" wheel question

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I'm looking at new rims for my 2011 XB to replace my steel wheels

Tires 235/40/18 wheel 18x8.5 +21 offset on stock suspension

Will they fit ??

Feel free to put your two cents.

Thanks in advance!
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I decided against the +21 rims
Going the other way now I found rims from a GS450h

Anyone running 18x8 +45
I'm running 19x8 @45p with a 235/35R19
18x8 @45p will be fine, 235/40R18 IMHO are a little big, 225/40R18 probably a bit better (I know the 235 would not be legal here, I don't know the laws in the State)
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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