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19" TRD Wheels with Stingray metallic?

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What do you guys think of matching the TRD 19" with Stingray metallic? I am not sure if the wheels's color will match the stingray metallic. Almost better to be a totally different color all together. What do you guys think?

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not the stock color of TRD's on mine but you get the idea. I didn't like them on the stingray with the stock color so here is what I did.

Also more pics on here. just search...
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True! If what you put on makes you happy that's half the battle in my eyes. Your not going to be able to please everyone's taste. In MY opinion the dark gray inside of the TRD wheels didn't go with the new look I was going for. This was my second idea, take the center and paint it to match the stingray. Leave the polished lip! I think that would look sick as well. Well anyways good luck and post us up some pics when you get them done.
Stuntman mike speaks the truth! Different ride on 19's, but cool as hell
Which lip? The home depot lip?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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