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Being a veteran of years of car shows I've kinda settled down lately LOL!
I wash once a week (or every other week during the summer down here in S.E. Fla when the heat is opressive). Claybar once a year and have become a huge fan of Collenite 854 wax and sealer (here's another thread I posted on the stuff )

I put a coat of Collenite on right off the showroom floor (I use it on everything; paint, chrome, glass, head & taillights) to immediately protect the paint and now that it's a bit cooler am planning my 1st major detail this coming weekend. This time I'll do the tires, interior and probably do a coat of Zaino Z-2 wax first and then seal it with a coat of Collenite 854 for that 5 foot deep look. I also keep a bottle of their Z-8 Spray to add some pop if I'm going to a car event.

Zaino stuff is undeniably the best for the hardcore show guys (check out the photos) but it's expensive and the Collenite is awesome by itself, goes on easy, holds up better than anything I've ever tried and folks, the S. Fla sun, salt & sand eats polishes for breakfast.

One other note; the Collenite is purely a wax / sealer so if the car has a few blemishes from driving around I use the Zaino Z-A10 first to clean and wax and then the Collenite. This can be substituted for the Z-2 I mentioned above for similar results and then you don't need to have a garage full of expensive polishes like I do lol.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it, pictures to come
I guess its taking a while to develop those pics ????
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