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I needed a "break-in" run for the XB at 450mi so I took the wife down to Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys for some swimming, food (and a couple of beers on the beach of course). About 300 mi round trip and I averaged 30.4 mpg (measuring mi against gas). It ran great, seats weren't quite a comfortable as the Dodge Mag R/T I just traded (a touch to narrow) and the dinky gas tank sux. Just because the thing gets good milage geez, a 19 gal tank would be nice!
Other than that everything went fine, I have over 3000 MP3s on a 16gig thumb drive set to random and we hit a blinding thunderstorm on the way home on the turnpike and the car handled it better than the Mag ever did (which was suprisingly skittish in bad rain for a 4000+ lb car).
Great trip! Here's a couple of car pics I took.

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