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Wut up wut up ppl?!

Just finished the audio upgrade, will post pics later on...

*replaced factory head unit with a Pioneer DEH-X9500BHS
specs-- single din, three 4 volt preamps, android friendly pandora, dual rear usb input, 5 band eq, bluetooth phone and streaming audio, HD radio built in, ipod iphone blah blah, also only requires a small adaptor and an antenna for satellite radio. a great head unit!

*i was already running a JL Audio XD600/1 amp with a dual JL 8 inch w3 ported sub enclosure (500w RMS) on the factory unit; the new Pioneer deck blows it out of the water with the true sub-level preamp rca output. intense bass with plenty of trunk room maintained.

*added an Alpine KTP445u power pack 4 channel amp (4x45w RMS) and it made the factory speakers sound incredible. using the RCA connections and with the gain at the halfway point on both front and rear, the factory sets sounded phenomenal. hooked it up and tossed it in the glove box for now til i mount it. at $145 i gotta recommend this, especially if you wanna keep the factory speakers.

*ended up upgrading the front doors with JL C2-650 comps and JL C2-650x 2-ways in the rear doors. tweeter snapped right into the door sails; no fabrication necessary. drilled 4 new holes into all 4 doors (used self-tapping screws) and 6.5 size scosche speaker brackets (shitty plastic adapters; worked fine after snapping off some extra pieces, screwed in between speakers and door metal). screwed crossovers into the front door between tweeters and woofers (wired with ETHERNET CABLE!)...although these speakers DO sound better than factory (mid-bass is great, tweeters are less harsh at high volumes, much less distortion, etc.) i would probably have gone with C3's knowing what i know now...(yes i am a JL fiend).

got a lot of stuff from and (used crutchfield for research but their prices are ridiculous)
used metra adapters for speakers and headunit...waiting on one more adapter to install an axcess steering wheel control adapter (didnt wanna splice jic).

ill post pics later if you guys want, didnt take any of the install tho, was too worried about destroying something expensive to remember to document it...

also, if youre going the single din route be mindful that there are a number of dash kits...some a little more functional than others...
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