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2003 Infiniti rims? Will these work?

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I found a set of 2003 Infiniti g35 17" rims that I like on my local craigslist. I talked to the seller and they have a bolt pattern of 5x4.5 (5x114.3). These should work right? The reason I'm asking is because on the tire/wheel comparison that is in the forum, it only has the 04 g35 and up listed.

He said he didn't know the offest, which would be good to know too I assume.

Also, would I need anything else for these to fit? I read somewhere that I would need "hubcentric" rings, but I'm not entirely sure what that is. Any information would be great.


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i have a set of staggered g35 6-spoke wheels walkin' on nitto nt850's on my xB2 with modified scion centercaps. the infiniti center bore is larger than the scion hub. yes! i used hubcentric rings to mount center, take stress of the wheel lugs and avoid vibration. the xB center hub is 60.1mm i believe. i have an extra set if you're interested.
Cool! Thanks for the feedback!

What are you looking for, for the Hubcentric rings?

Also, in your post you said you had modified center caps. How did you modify them? you have pictures of how those wheels look on your xb? Thanks!
excuse the delay! been kinda busy. i modified the original infiniti centercap by poppin' off the infiniti emblem, dremmeled the tabs off some scion tc centercaps, and used the infiniti cap as a base and glued the scion piece on top. worked out very well. i used the bonding glue that comes in the twin tube and let it dry overnight. i looked in the garage and found the set of rings, scion caps, and infiniti caps as well. i had planned to make a set for the wifey's xB. can't remember what the bore is for the infiniti rim. but do know it is standard for all their oem wheels. asking $15 for the rings, $30 for scion caps, and $40 for the infiniti caps. from your pic i assume you have all four infiniti caps. don't know if have enough post to put pics on the forum. but i can send pictures to an email tomorrow.
here are some pics of my infiniti/scion wheel setup.


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