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swagfu said:
Hi guys,
This is my first post. I have read a bunch on here, but didn't feel a need to respond just yet. I just bought a 08 Xb and love it. However, I am considering my options as to what to do to the car. I came across this post and thought it was great.

Here is my do I know which spring to go with? I don't plan on changing my wheels from the factory size. I do however think I would like front and rear sway bars and maybe a strut brace.

Any recommendations? Also, I live in the Daytona/Deland area and really have no idea where to go to get any of this done. Any ideas on where I can go?

Great site. Thanks
Welcome to the site and the world of Scions. Here is a link to the Suspension section on our site and you can get some info there about some of the Springs, Sways, and Shocks. I know it's a bit of a shameful plug, but I know it might help you.

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