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2009 RS 6.0 Number and Location.

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Lets start a new thread of the 2009 RS 6.0, what dealer by location and release number so if anyone is out there hunting some down this will make it easier, and it will be neat to see where the numbers are.
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What's up everybody! New to the site. I have lucky #13, bought at Power Toyota in Cerritos, CA.
plan_B said:
Nice number 13 thats cool!
Yah! I think so too. Thanks Plan B! I actually went to look at it and was hoping it would be there in 2 weeks when I would have the money down. The dealership actually let me take it that night with nothing. Kinda sweet. I'm hoping to post some pics here within 3 weeks.
Wave Rider said:
you should change your name to redrocket :).

Welcome to the site. Im the head of this place if you need anything let me know :rofl:
Thanks Wave Rider! I've seen several of your posts. Always good info or a smart *** it. If I named it red rocket my wife would be like WTF! Since I just spent about 2 grand on wheels & tires, I thought it would be best not to piss her off :D
09socalXB said:
RedMonster, how much did you get the car for?
It was $19,000 when I bought it in Feb.
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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