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2009 RS 6.0 Number and Location.

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Lets start a new thread of the 2009 RS 6.0, what dealer by location and release number so if anyone is out there hunting some down this will make it easier, and it will be neat to see where the numbers are.
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Just purchased # 167 in Rochester, NY. It's my first Scion and loving it!
ahoilman80 said:
I bought my 09 "used" with 1300 miles on it, 19" trd rims and wing. A guy bought it about a week prior didnt like it and traded it back in for a truck. I've had it for a little over a month and love it.
Is it a RS 6.0?
snkysnake said:
I've got number 1652 , purchased at Anderson Toyota , of Murfreesboro Tennessee.......and loving it !
Welcome to the RS6 XB2 world! Any mod's planned for the near future?
xBomb said:
eviljack said:
Wave Rider said:
All of the after market grills are like that :(. I wish there was one that you couldnt see through..or is there?
I am actually working on a mod for making a grill non-see through. I will post up once my tests are complete.
i put a piece of smoked plexi behind mine...drilled some holes for air flow and what not. didnt need any mounting brackets or anything, just sits right on some brackets alreeady there holding the bumper. the size i got was 5.25 by 33.25....perfect fit
Any pictures?
snkysnake said:
Thanks for the welcome XBinRochester , no real mods planned just yet. I did the rear wiper delete , not sure if I will leave it that way. I installed the factory wing myself, the dealership wanted WAY too much for the install. Might do some simple 16 in. wheels in the future, factory fogs down the road , and maybe the overhead console. Keeping it simple. I'm retired, and so is my income !
My dealer messed up and wrote up my purchase agreement with all the Dealer installed options I selected and forgot to add in the installation fee's. So I got everything installed labor free! I wish I would have known that was going to happen, I would have added more options! LOL
1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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