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Hello everyone. I'm in desperate need of help. So it all started with my fan speed control slowly losing function. With every malfunction there would be this sort of clicking sound from behind the steering wheel every time I'd turn the fan speed knob a certain way (though never at the same spot). This clicking sound would sort of sound like the clicking when you'd try to start a car with a dead battery. Then I'd hear this slight *ERRRR* sound like something was turning or moving, and then the fan would work for a little while. Until it would *click* again, then stop. So basic google searches pointed towards changing out the blower motor, and/or resistor, which I did both this past weekend and it stillllll doesn't work! I recently bought this car and up until this point, I've absolutely loved it, but mannn I'm tired of these little BS things happening to the cars I own slowly draining me of money I don't have. For the most part now, the fan just doesn't work no matter how many times I jiggle the fan speed just right, but every now and again (days apart), it'll do it's little sound effects, and work for about 2 minutes tops. Please help me!
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