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so yesterday on my drive home from work i hit a massive slab of concrete in the road.... didnt have an option. luckily i was able to straddle it over the engine, but it caught scuba tank bracket.....and destroyed the bracket, which bent in to the tank.... i have been looking around at options and no way am i paying 650+ dollars for a new tank.....

Does anyone know if the ebay style exhaust system for 150 has the same length resonator as the stock Scuba? I would just swap out that piece and leave my axle back stock? thank you
There are a few on here who have that exhaust and I believe everyone has said its fairly loud. How it would sound with that scuba delete and a stock muffler? Cant say ive heard it or anyone doing such. As far as my guess it should be a direct swap. Cheap fix sure. If youd rather be a lil more sure of things, id go with chris's orthe other option. Its a few more bux but imo, much better result.

Good luck
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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