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2010 Scion xb sizzling crimson mica

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This past Friday I finally got my spoiler, rear bumper applique and CAI. As soon as I get my camera back I will post pictures!!!!!
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Today I am on my way to my girls house for the camera so I can take pics. On my way I get HIT by some a-hole who said he didnt see me. :mad:

Not the Pics I wanted to post but oh well :cry:
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That sucks bro! Did he have insurance?
Oh man.. that stinks. At least the unblemished parts look good.

I hope you can get it back to %100
that sucks. some guy hit me. but he got my box fixed in 3 weeks.
update pix - Found this out this morning. From accident as well

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What i promised in the begining

At her best

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All I want for Christmas

In black

what it looks like (not my car)

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I really like the Borla Duals and that is the next significant purchase on my box.

Sux about the wreck, but everything else looks good.
The Crimson looks great, a nice dark red hue to it.   I LIKE!
Did you get an estimate for all the damages? Wish you luck! :)
Pictures of what My car did to him. Not much compared what he did to me :(

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10-14-2009 Update:
Got my baby back from shop and Im back to 100%!! I got it back Thursday and Got my windows tinted on Friday. I also took of the Pillar tape by the windshield


I went with Solar Gard. 20% tint on rear windows. and 20% up front. I wanted 5% but i didnt want to risk it. I am happy with 20%. Not to dark and not to light. I paid 130 for the tint and 15 for the windshield strip tint. Pics later.
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Santa (myself) came early and got my sports pedals

Installation was a *****. Blood (from cuts on my fingers) and sweat went into my pedals. I crap you not it was not easy to put on!!
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How did it cost for your viper system? I like the rear bumper guard is that factory it looks smoked to me the only ones they offer at my dealership were black. You pedal look well worth it i might have to get brave this spring and try it out. The A piller taken off looks nice with the crimson i kinda wish i looked at other colors rather than ordering a sw before test driving :lol: on the sw its nice to have the black contrast in there.
Hello ganderson08,

i went to Audio Express here in AZ (those of you in AZ know that they are expensive), I had no idea at the time that Bestbuy also did alarms...... anyways I went to AE and paid close to 300$. They had no problems installing it. took about 3 hrs, and thats that.

About the Bumper guard, its the camera. It is black. Probably dirt on the guard as well........

I like my pedals, and again they were a hassle for me, but worth it. Just make sure you have a bottle with soap and water with you to help with installation.
She looks good in her glory. I also got the sport pedals and what a pain in the *** installing them. At least we did it ourselves.
does the TRD cai come with only one side vent?
Dude. said:
does the TRD cai come with only one side vent?
My understanding that the TRD vent is driver's side only...the vent can be purchased without the TRD CAI if you go with another CAI.

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