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Hey guys,

i have a 2010 XB base and there is a noise coming from the engine bay. It can be heard most when at a stop then release the brake up until 1-11 mph is the loudest where is has a whine sound where is progesses faster then it becomes a little more silent after 11mph. I dont see the pink line on my hood but my coolant level is way past the min line. I have 36,XXX miles and the car was bought in 2009 from the original owner. I've been researching and read a couple times that the water pump is covered for 5 years? is this true? i know the car only have a 3 year warranty but is the water pump covered for 5 years? If so i will take it to the dealership tomorrow. Please help guys!

BTW is there any other recalls for 2010 XB's or TSB i found only the sticker for the load capacity.

The MFG includes a 3 year/36000 Limited (aka: bumper to bumper) and a 5 year/60000 powertrain. The powertrain says anything internally lubricated. I would think that the waterpump is internally lubricated. I think the 5 year/60K is ONLY for the original owner. I may be wrong, I thought I read that in the manual. Good Luck!!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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