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ABS/VSC/ENGINE are on. A common to Arizona pack rat chewed the 2 wires from the AT intermediate shaft speed sensor. I replaced and soldered the connector/pigtail, but the errors remain lighted, no other chew damage can be seen. Next illogical step is to replace both sensors mainly due to amount the *work involved. Could either or both have gone bad due to shorting or something?

*Having lost my right arm a couple years ago, things are sometimes a real challenge, but eventually in time I get it done.

Mainly to see where the 2 AT intermediate shaft speed sensors connect to the ABS and to the ECM. I would like to see the circuit wiring diagram for my 2010 SCION XB W/ AT.

Brand new to this site and forms in general, hope I did things correctly.
Thanks Rudy in Tucson
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