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2010 xb gauges need reset

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I replaced my gauge face and my coolant and fuel is off by just a bit how do I fix this without getting f---ed at the steeler!! Any help is great!
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WRITE DOWN where everything should be!
Pull the pod back out, take it back apart enough to get to the needles (pull the clear part off the front of the pod), then pop off the needles.
Reinstall the main part of the pod (w/ clear part OFF) and replug everything in and let the vehicle heat up to operating temp.
Push in the needles in the correct position (as written down earlier).
Pop the clear part of the pod back on the front (just has clear plastic push-hook-clips).
Put the main interior "pod surround" back on and your done.

IF you installed the gauges yourself, that should make sense.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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