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2011 XB Alarm System options Viper/clifford/marksman

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I just got a 2011 xb and I am looking for a good alarm system.
A 2 way alarm system.

The alarm system professional was recommending the marksman x4 alarm system. Anyone with reviews on this system? (thats also what he had in the shop)

I know the viper and clifford are one but am open to recommendations as to which one is the best to install.

All reviews and info is highly appreciated.
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Alarm Advise?

Anyone with information will be highly appreciated. \
ok, imsurprised no one has said anything. the marksman unit looks fairly cheap, idk. im not familiar with that unit at all, so im going just off of what i see in the pic when i googled it. viper and clifford are both made by DEI (directed electronics) and are virtually the same. there are small things but they are built the same and work the same. they are good units and most well known. what are you lookin at paying at that shop?
They are offering $300 including installation of the marksman x4.
If there is a good alarm system I can also buy it and take it for installation.

Any recommendations on an alarm system?
one that ive dealt with a lot and install constantly is the excalibur 1830EDP. 2 way, remote start, all the bells and whistles, $189. its a great unit, very consistant and isnt as much as a viper or clifford unit. i sell them a LOT and have never gotten any complaints. Excalibur AL-1830-EDP 2 way remote start - $259.99 : Amped Performance, inc, your source for all your aftermarket needs i sell em for 259 usually, but i can cut you a good deal.
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