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2011xb owner

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So, how did I become the proud owner of an xb?

My friend purchased one in September. After going for a ride on her new car, I was hooked and had to have one. Two weeks later, I was a proud owner of my own xb.

What drew me to this site is trying to find an answer to a speedometer question. I'm getting weird readings. My readings show I'm speeding, yet, I know I'm not. I'd like to think that I just need to adjust it myself?

Please let me know if I need to post my question elsewhere.

Happy New Year!
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that's it!

the letters next to the reading starts with a "K", so the setting is wrong. i'll check the manual tomorrow.

you guys rock! does not take much to make me happy. for a while there, i was thinking i got a lemon. my previous car was a honda and i had no problems with it. the hardest part was getting in and out. not anymore!

now, if i could only figure out how to get my dog hiked up comfortably to see out the window, we're in there! oh, does anyone have a quick fix for that too? :eek:

just kidding! thanks for taking the time to respond. saves me a trip to the dealer. :D
dah, i just answered my own question. i was just thinking of asking a stupid question, adding a disclaimer, but i figured it out. i was going to ask if the reset is the botton on the left or on the right. but, it's gotta be the one next to the Kxx letters, right? oh heck, i'll put it out there, just for the sake of doing it correctly.
sorry, challenged in the car department....... mature woman, up there in age.

thank you! have a great day!
{muah!}:cool: ..... got it!

for the sake of spilling my guts and being honest, i secretly "googled" odometer before logging out this a.m., just to be sure i got the picture.

dah! again! "ODO" was staring at me when i started up. so, quick fix!

i feel empowered! i can do anything! i think i officially graduated from the "intro" section and am venturing out to the other threads.

until our next encounter, i bid you peace!:p

~signing out
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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