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2012, ready for liftoff, spring issues?????

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Just purchased a '12 xB, :biggrin:, for the wife, :confused:.

Already got the illegal tint, and in channel wind deflectors, also ordered some mud guards and had a local shop paint to match.

Tomorrow installing the DF210's waiting in the garage.....(as soon as the wife goes to work) uh I hope the springs fit the 2012 cause nothing I saw online anywhere included the '12s in the years included.... Anybody able to reassure me before I dive in?

just another boring near stock "before" picture.. haha
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They will def fit. don't worry. They'll look **** good too.
I sold a set of guards to someone with an '11 and told them it prob wouldnt fit, but they assured me it would.... and it didnt haha. They're just plastic, you can always cut them and make them fit!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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