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So last week I followed my dreams and traded my '08 box for a '12 with a manual transmission. I've been pleasantly surprised by the new cloth seats, and the armrest is a relief. And yes, I am a brand new stick shift driver worried about prolonging clutch life, but that's a question for a different thread.

Instead, I was hoping someone could give me confirmation on something I've long suspected:

Does the 2012 Scion xB have less headroom and legroom than the 2008-2011 model, because the front seats are longer and the seat padding is thicker?

I'm convinced it's the case, and I was convinced it's the case since last year when I first sat in the 2012 in a showroom. But all the numbers seem to indicate the headroom and legroom are identical to the 2008-2012 model.

Anyone know for sure?
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