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Just drove a Camry for a little over a week (rental) and I must say this is a dandy car! The 'feel' of the vehicle on the road is amazing! It inspires confidence, drives like a dream, and handles exceptionally well. The overall experience was great with one exception.......the 6 speed transmission. While it appeared to yield about 32 mpg on the road at 75 mph, it had a bit of trouble making up its mind when it came time to downshift. Driving thru some mountains in Nevada put the transmission thru its paces. On the open road cruising the problem. Moving in and out in busy traffic in town was another issue. I didn't like the indecision of the automatic. It made for some anxious moments in heavy traffic when changing lanes. Am i going to 4th gear or 5th gear at 35 mph ?? Don't know for sure.
The great part is seeing the engine turn only 2100 rpms cruising 75 mph down the interstate. You will NOT hear the engine....none. Super quiet.
If only Toyota could get with the CVT like Nissan, they'd have an unbeatable pkg. !!
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