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First thing I did to our new xB was research and then order the Philips 4 LED DRL set. Cost @ $90. Pretty easy fit for a dumby like me. Used the red 3M autobody 2-sided tape.....wet the tape a bit 1st then slid the lights into the grill and aimed them (important step!) before the taped dried. (softened the grill a bit w/hair dryer because it is a snug fit) Very bright! They are stuck in there as though they were screwed in! They look pretty OEM. The DRL's are 'on' when key turned on >> turn themselves 'off' when I turn the headlights on at night >> and turn themselves 'off' when I turn the key off. Just like OEM DRL's....sort of.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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