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2014 vs 2013 xB

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What are the differences (if any) between the 2014 and 2013 xB?
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Well they are both 2nd gen so probably very little if any as for a guess. If your looking at getting one that new though and you do find a 2013 on a lot somewhere they will probably be looking to sell it very fast and you may get a nice discount since 2015 models are coming out soon with most manufacturers.
I've read somewhere that the xB will be discontinued and no 2015 model will be released.
Maybe the value on the old ones will go up then. Honestly I was looking for a first gen but their **** near impossible to find for a decent price and if it is a decent price its a rebuilt. Only reason I got my 2nd gen for so cheap was the manual transmission.

The xB had a good run and I certainly wouldn't be shattered if they were discontinued. With the newer ads that Scion has been pushing I feel like they may start leaning more towards sportier cars with the FR-S and TC. The xB was never supposed to get as big as it did, the target markets for the xA and xB actually flipped once the cars hit the streets.
I agree with you I believe I got a deal because I also got a manual in an unpopular color and it was a way way leftover. If time comes it'll be hard to sell I guess but I'm fine with that. And I actually like my color now, coupled with the 5 speed I can call it rare. :)
I've been trying to sell or trade mine for months now, albeit not putting in too much effort, and I'll likely lose a few hundred over what I have in it if I ever actually can find anyone to buy it and NO ONE wants to trade their family car or SUV in for a manual B. I had one person interested but they had their "mechanic" friend test drive it and he said it needed work. You know cuz I don't drive it 40 miles a day and haven't been all over the state in it the last month and it runs just fine for me. Protip: Don't test drive a car you can't actually drive.
Are you thinking of getting another Scion or Toyota? That may help you a little if you want out of the xb. Idk.
I ONLY buy Honda, Nissan, or Toyota. I'd probably have a Subaru if it were the right kind. Subsidiaries count but lately I haven't even been considering newer Hondas and the only other Scion I will ever consider is a 1st gen xB. I'd have a 7th gen Celica over a TC any day and the FR-S just isn't quite right for some reason although I haven't driven it.

On the family car front which is really what the Scion is id like a Maxima or Altima. I liked my xterra too though. I finally got another bike so that's my main commuter now and the wife and kids just need something to drive. She can drive stick but she hates it.

And on the re-sale value front the Scions are dropping much faster than I see real Toyotas going down. First gen stuff is still holding ok but all of the later gen Scion stuff just doesn't seem to have it. Again though the manual transmission really cuts out a huge chunk of market so that's likely my problem. Senta SE-R's are going for dirt cheap right now and even manual corollas and stuff are on average $1,000 or less than an auto.
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1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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