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Interesting. I have a 2012 (stock suspension) with the Goodyear Eagle tires and haven't noticed this. I definitely notice the wind though. I find myself checking the trees along the road to see if they are moving to make sure that's why I have that sensation (when it's not completely obvious already). It's always the wind. I've never had a problem with wandering on the highway.

I actually think my last car (2001 Grand Prix) probably had a little toe-in on the front or something and I did feel a difference going to the xB something similar to what you describe. Anyway, since I bought the xB new, that's what I figured it was, so I just went with it for a while and I easily got used to it. Either that or the tires got worn in a little and then acted differently.

There are a lot of unknowns. I say to just go with it for a few months and then see what it's like after that.

Now I have definitely noticed torque steer going around town under acceleration and then lack of it when I stop accelerating.
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