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I recently purchased a 2014 Scion XB. When I'm at speeds of 55-75 the front end seems to wander alot, I took it back to the dealer and they realigned it and no difference was made. If you set the tire pressure to 30-31 psi it seems to be better, but at 34-36 it wanders like crazy. Its just not comfortable to drive, you feel like your always making corrections. Could it just be cheap tires? Mine came with Goodyear Eagle tires. Anyone else have these issues?
I've never had an issue. I own a 2005 (manual) and a 2013 (auto). The 2005 has Michelins now after going through two other brands. They are the superior tire in my opinion. Whatever came with the 2013 are still on the car and I've never had any problems--it's rock steady at all speeds. If tires have not been rotated try that and see if it makes a difference.
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