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the tranny..
so i know for a fact that the new 6 speed auto ( U70E ) WILL bolt to a 2AZ-FE ( 2.4L ) and the older 4 speed, the one we have, (U241E ) WILL bolt to the new 2AR-FE (2.5L) and 1AR-FE ( 2.7L ). what i dont know is how close are the motor mounts and being that its an auto do i need a new ecu.

i would think i would need the ecu because the ecu tells the tranny when and what gear to shift to. so if my tranny has 2 more gears than it did before, how will the old ecu know that and tell it to shift into 5th ot 6th? also would my dash say 5th or 6th gear in sport mode or stay at 4th for 4th 5th and 6th gear?
here are the gear ratios for the 2 trannys just to have.


first (3.300)
second (1.900)
third (1.420)
fourth (1.000)
fifth (0.713)
sixth (0.60


first (3.943)
second (2.197)
third (1.413)
fourth (1.020)

im looking at the newer tranny beacuase for the 2 extra gears. i would love to ride on the high way at 70mph and below 3k lol

the motor...
i want to find a trashed tc2 and snab it motor. after looking at some dynos for boosted 2AR-FE ans 2AZ-FE im seeinf about 50-60 hp jump. not sure what the the 1AR-FE would be boosted? so if the motor mounts are close( i can weld **** near anythng) i would need a new wireing harness, ecu, motor mounts, and what else?

if anyone know someone with the tc2 or the newer camray that could measer the block to see if i could keep my headers and s-pipe that would be great lol. just wounder how close it is.

i have gone over just about every toyota engine and tranny and it really seems the best way would be the 2.5l or the 2.7l and the U760E tranny. if anyoone has ANY INPUT and real info please post!!!

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The tranny is the only big thing that bothered me about the xB when I was car shopping. I don't understand why they only put a 4-speed in it. You'd think it would be worth the expense because higher mpg from the higher gears would be a big selling point.
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