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2nd Gen rear air shocks?

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I just installed a set of TRD springs haven't had a chance to drive it much. I got to return the spring compressor to the owner then get the alignment done.

The rear drop more than I had hoped for. I am running 245/45-17's on light weight 17x8 w/ 45et wheels. I heard some rubbing on the front as I went to a spot where I knew the xB would bottom out if I hit it hard. I will find the rubbing later, no biggie.

I looked on the internet last night for someone who makes rear air shocks for an 08 and newer (we have a 2012) xB but I couldn't fine a manufacture for air shocks that would fit on the rear. I'm thinking, if I load up the xB with the MTB's and a friend or two the rear of the xB would need some help staying off the ground.

So my question is, does anyone here know of a maker of air shocks for the rear?

Thanks for your help & info!

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What specs do you need? Stud on top, eye on bottom. I'm unsure of lengths or bolt sizes.
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