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3000k HID high beams

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Just thought I would share my latest mod, 55w 3000k HID highbeams from VERY bright and YELLOW


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HID head lights scatter so bad I'd be afraid to use them in a non-projector housing, there's enough remaining misbehavior when installed in our low beam Halogen housings :(! Still, it probably helps you went with a warmer color, than the typical cold to blue white.
... I know, that is why they are in the high beams, you use high-beams when no traffic is around, and want back-road light... the beam pattern is exactly the same as with halogen, just BRIGHTER. Including any stray light escaping, the same as any other reflector housing. They all cause a large about of light to escape above the cut off due to the DOT standards, ECE (European Standards) do not allow light above the cutoff because they light all overhead signs, and we here in the states do not, hence the "squirrel finder" in our projectors... :book:
I put 6000k 35w lows in as to get a better output but less lumens than the 4200k's that I originally had in. They are on in the pic, but the brightness of the 55w overpowered them...
The beam pattern is not at all the same as Halogen, how did you come up with that piece of fiction? HID blasts its light all over the place!
correct, it is only OK to have yellow in the fogs. White or blue is illegal here as well if they are in the fogs. They also say here you can only use your fogs when it is OK to use your High beams... so I fugure eh... whats the diff if my highs are yellow too? .:clown:
Bull ****, fogs only make sense to activate when the low beams are on, no other time. Turn on high beams in the fog and you'll find the light reflected right back in your eyes! The purpose of fog lights is to improve vision, not eradicate it.
granted they didnt come stock in the XB, but they come stock in other cars, theres nothing really illegal about them. having an amber light forward of the driver is completely fine. your turning signals are amber as well, so theres really nothing to be too worried about. im thinking of getting some 3K's for my car too.
Yes, they come stock in other vehicles, but the difference is the housing is specifically designed for them. Choosing to ignore that simple fact is not just a little irresponsible in my opinion. One needs to remember we share these roads, so it's not just about what we personally like, but it's also what contributes to the safety of all (which includes our fellow drivers.)
It is the same pattern just amplified x4... Most (not all) reflector housings don't have a clean cut off, or have a large amount of light leak above the cutoff to make up for the low lumens of a halogen and remain DOT approved. That light you are seeing "scattered all over the place" is always being "scattered all over the place" you just dont notice it with dim halogen bulbs. Please understand that the re-based HID bulbs that are used in ANY quality kit are to the same fitment and alignment of the original source light and reflection is reflection...
Wrong, cutoff housings are designed for specific bulb designs and CID design is definitelty not the same as Halogen. You may not give a fig for your fellow driver, but being on the receiving end, I definitely feel this deserves more than serious consideration.
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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