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3000k HID high beams

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Just thought I would share my latest mod, 55w 3000k HID highbeams from VERY bright and YELLOW


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Thanks! I was going to get some for the fogs, but went with a yellow 55 watt regular bulb so I could have them on all the time and not worry about getting pulled over. I use them in the highs because I would only use them off highway or to flash an a-hole who was unfortunate enough to cut me off :boxing: :cheers:
... I know, that is why they are in the high beams, you use high-beams when no traffic is around, and want back-road light... the beam pattern is exactly the same as with halogen, just BRIGHTER. Including any stray light escaping, the same as any other reflector housing. They all cause a large about of light to escape above the cut off due to the DOT standards, ECE (European Standards) do not allow light above the cutoff because they light all overhead signs, and we here in the states do not, hence the "squirrel finder" in our projectors... :book:
I put 6000k 35w lows in as to get a better output but less lumens than the 4200k's that I originally had in. They are on in the pic, but the brightness of the 55w overpowered them...
Thanks for the complements, Ill post some more after I take some pics tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to upload a warm-up vid because the color change from the yellow flash to purple to white to yellow to REALLY yellow is pretty nutty! But earlier this evening the h11's beam pattern seemed to have hot spots and the 4300k's I had in earlier did not... they came with the plunger type seal and the 6000k ones I got did not (they were flat rubber) , maybe I should swap out with the original bulbs to get the pattern back in focus... Ill know more tomorrow-
I love them in a yellow hue. That makes me more interested in HIDs.
Just a FYI these are NOT legal in any way (at least not in Oregon where I live Google the lighting laws in your state), I just figure since I rarely use the highs I should be fine, I had yellow highs in my Mazda6 since 2005 and never had a problem...
I also had 55 watt 5000k's in the mazda's low beams (projector) as well without problem, but they had less of a squirrel finder...

I have been pulled over in my VW beetle (1969) back in the late 90's for yellow modified headlights... so I would not run yellow as a low beam.

I think I will end up with some Morimoto projectors in the future the ppl on the mazda6club liked them (also a for 200.00 group buy), but for now the hid kit will do. :cheers:
correct, it is only OK to have yellow in the fogs. White or blue is illegal here as well if they are in the fogs. They also say here you can only use your fogs when it is OK to use your High beams... so I fugure eh... whats the diff if my highs are yellow too? .:clown:
Bull ****, fogs only make sense to activate when the low beams are on, no other time. Turn on high beams in the fog and you'll find the light reflected right back in your eyes! The purpose of fog lights is to improve vision, not eradicate it.
do some reading... It is only allowable to use fog lights in situations where it is OK to use highbeams. If you are breaking the law by using highs, you are also breaking the law with using your fogs...
The beam pattern is not at all the same as Halogen, how did you come up with that piece of fiction? HID blasts its light all over the place!
It is the same pattern just amplified x4... Most (not all) reflector housings don't have a clean cut off, or have a large amount of light leak above the cutoff to make up for the low lumens of a halogen and remain DOT approved. That light you are seeing "scattered all over the place" is always being "scattered all over the place" you just dont notice it with dim halogen bulbs. Please understand that the re-based HID bulbs that are used in ANY quality kit are to the same fitment and alignment of the original source light and reflection is reflection...
Wrong, cutoff housings are designed for specific bulb designs and CID design is definitelty not the same as Halogen. You may not give a fig for your fellow driver, but being on the receiving end, I definitely feel this deserves more than serious consideration.
Well, Trevor I love how you pick a random argument and start by saying wrong. It is humorous at best and shows your not one to understand what I am saying. These are in the HIGH beams. You CANNOT use these 55 watt or 35watt HID or any other color or bulb stock or not when there is ANY traffic around. SO do I go around driving with these on all the time? NO! Because I do care about other drivers! (AND the law!) Imagine that! Someone besides YOU who does things and CARES about others! WOWO! <end rant>
ANd of course HID systems are different than halogen... jesus.... that is not what you were said earlier and are misguiding your original argument... (Not tha my personal MOD share was meant to have a negative nelly like yourself come and send all kinds of accusations about me...) , you stated that reflector housings will "shoot light all over the place" as if it changes the beam pattern to add a properly based HID bulb. I Pointed out that the light that you perseave as "new" was always there, it is just brighter. I would never put HID in a low beam reflector housing EVER. Because I do " Give a Fig" <really end rant>:eek::cheers:
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