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3000k HID high beams

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Just thought I would share my latest mod, 55w 3000k HID highbeams from VERY bright and YELLOW


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Caring for the eyesight of your fellow driver is most important in situations where driving w/ too bright lights on is most notable and bringing the worst situation . . .
Namely head-on.

I don't want to be involved in a head-on crash . . . thanks to headlamps . . .

Thanks for the info on yellow and nightblindness. I didn't know that yellow was one of the worse for it (looked it up to confirm). There goes that idea.
Wrong, cutoff housings are designed for specific bulb designs and CID design is definitelty not the same as Halogen. You may not give a fig for your fellow driver, but being on the receiving end, I definitely feel this deserves more than serious consideration.
Well, Trevor I love how you pick a random argument and start by saying wrong. It is humorous at best and shows your not one to understand what I am saying. These are in the HIGH beams. You CANNOT use these 55 watt or 35watt HID or any other color or bulb stock or not when there is ANY traffic around. SO do I go around driving with these on all the time? NO! Because I do care about other drivers! (AND the law!) Imagine that! Someone besides YOU who does things and CARES about others! WOWO! <end rant>
ANd of course HID systems are different than halogen... jesus.... that is not what you were said earlier and are misguiding your original argument... (Not tha my personal MOD share was meant to have a negative nelly like yourself come and send all kinds of accusations about me...) , you stated that reflector housings will "shoot light all over the place" as if it changes the beam pattern to add a properly based HID bulb. I Pointed out that the light that you perseave as "new" was always there, it is just brighter. I would never put HID in a low beam reflector housing EVER. Because I do " Give a Fig" <really end rant>:eek::cheers:
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