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so everywhere i go online to look at wheels it says that 5x100 will fit. But the xB pattern is 5x114.3.... does anyone have 5x100?
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Some of the wheels have a dual pattern..they will fit a 5x114.3 and a 5x100 depending on which bolt holes you use...the 5x100 wheels will not fit without modifying the wheels....
Thank you! i really like the '11 tC wheels! but im probably going to get some 17" Konig's! im on 16" hub caps, just trying to figure out the right color wheels.
the 2011 tC is the gen2 tC and IS 5x114, just like ours, so you can swap rims with those guys.
yeah what phobic said, the 2010 and below are 5x100. theres a guy here wanting to sell them for 1000. im thinking you must be crazy, can get alot of different style wheels and tires for a G. But hey if you gotta have them
thats the ish... im not down for letting go of a G on one mod! lol. Im getting a K&N short ram, and then my wheels. cant figure out a good color other than black for my Classic Silver box, and someone else put pics up of white wheels on the silver box, but i really dont wanna be that guy who coppies someone else! im pissed! lol, any good color ideas?!?
mind you, i like subtle, but may stray from that belief. lol
i have not! just dont know how i feel about dealing with money and radom people i cant find. lol. nothing against you personally! just not sure yet. but you said you take pay pal... i just started using pay pal! this is getting better the more i type!
whats shipping time?
i cant PM you.
depends on where you are at leaves calif usually same day. then however long to where you are at. pm , you have to click the box below the message
it said youre not allowed or not allowing messages
my brother just called me and found me one for $100 dont know how, ask no questions you know no lies... sorry bud! i really am! but now i know you have springs too so when i wanna drop, ill hit you up!
yeah, John you have your PM settings set to not receive PMs.

It makes you seem sketchy haha.
do not want to send or receive private messages, you may disable the private messaging system. Enable Private Messagingsays enable private messaging
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